About Me

When I was 10, I watched my younger sister play soccer better than I ever could. Problem was: she was six. At that point I realized becoming a rich and successful athlete was out of the question. But I still obsessed about sports, so I spent time thinking about how I could make a life out of loving sports without being able to play them at the pro level. Naturally, as I have trouble keeping my mouth shut, I figured why not make a living talking about them?

I did play-by-play for five different sports my senior year with Maryland student radio, worked behind the scenes in TV as an intern for both the Tennis Channel and WMCN-TV 44 in Philadelphia, host the Testudo Times podcast, and that’s just the broadcasting portion.

I’ve written for multiple websites, including GianlucaDiMarizo.com, World Soccer Talk, The Comeback, Awful Announcing, Yahoo’s Puck Daddy Blog, and there are others even beyond that.

I recently graduated from the University of Maryland with a BA in Journalism, so I want to turn my childhood into a fully-fledged career, and now is the time to do that.

So take a look around, and hopefully you like what you see. Someday soon I might be broadcasting or writing for you!

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